It is not meant to meet the eyes

I stood at the threshold

Watched him be so cold;

Gave him valuable advice

To not salvage his love for life.

In solitude I shed silent tears

Telling myself this is not yours,

your love is not wise,

It’s not meant to meet the eyes.

But I’m no saint, cried my evil

Selfish I was like the devil

So I let myself hope for the fine,

That one day his love will be mine.

I sailed through tough times

And continued with my crimes,

Aiming at a distant hollow,

Containing all love my heart could follow.

I was a culprit, filled with hopes

Punishment came in due course.

When I dared to meet my own eye,

The mirror refused to be an alibi.

I gave up to chase a better life

But you never salvage your love for life;

So I decided to wait till the end of time,

Because one day, that love will be mine.


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