Beyond surreal, it’s unreal…

Here's to letting go, but never forgetting; Moving away, but never moving over; Giving up, but never giving in; Burning out, but never losing the ray of hope; Here's to realising that the best things that happen to you are your feelings, not the people associated to them. (The following post was written in November... Continue Reading →


One stop ahead of sexism

Through a blanket of dust, through shattered pieces of glass, a splash of water and a shower of red chillis; the quintessential Tollywood hero makes his entry in the middle of an action sequence, exhibiting his machismo to the goons and, through the screen, to the audience. He beats up the bad guy and his... Continue Reading →

At the Turning of a Road

She woke up around 10 am, took a long shower, smiled at the pleasant Sun outside her window and put on a Sunshine coloured cotton dress, slipped on her white shoes and headed out to pursue her favourite Sunday morning activity. Going to the Shakespeare and Company book store, spending hours contemplating, reading, talking to... Continue Reading →

Far Away

Tears dry out faster, Memories refuse to stay longer; Many winds my way blow With you far away now. I succumb to fleeting emotions, And rejoice in my superficial notions; "Oh that is beautiful," I quip At any frivolous nip. Words don't come to me these days I struggle to express in all ways. Thoughts... Continue Reading →

It is not meant to meet the eyes

I stood at the threshold Watched him be so cold; Gave him valuable advice To not salvage his love for life. In solitude I shed silent tears Telling myself this is not yours, your love is not wise, It's not meant to meet the eyes. But I'm no saint, cried my evil Selfish I was... Continue Reading →

Cold Stone

On the grass across the road lay a rubble of stones. In the moist rains they rejoiced, in the cold winters they moaned. A numb stone lay amid the rubble, quiescent, like a distant admirer, until the day an ambitious stone moved, finding its way to the fallow. They stuck together through changing seasons; Scrapping... Continue Reading →

Don’t you dare let your child dream

"I wanted to be an astronaut. My parents encouraged me to aim high, to the stars, and work hard toward it. So I went to school. They attacked it. Now I'm here, among the stars. Only, I can never go back." -Probably every second child who was killed in the Peshawar attack -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Don't you... Continue Reading →

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