February to February

I believe writing can break you; yet we write the best when we are the most broken. I believe writing can shake you; yet we write the best when we are the most shaken. I believe words can mend broken hearts. I believe words have the ability to drag you from that pit of darkness... Continue Reading →


Of Love and Other Demons

I'm not very certain what love is. I won’t deny that I went looking for its meaning numerous times. I definitely rule out Romeo and Juliet here, for they were stupid, frivolous and if you ask me, they deserved to die. After having read Wuthering Heights countless number of times, I  am now convinced that neither... Continue Reading →

It is not meant to meet the eyes

I stood at the threshold Watched him be so cold; Gave him valuable advice To not salvage his love for life. In solitude I shed silent tears Telling myself this is not yours, your love is not wise, It's not meant to meet the eyes. But I'm no saint, cried my evil Selfish I was... Continue Reading →

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