I’m sick of you getting Leh’d

I know that's an easy pun that obviously emerged after everyone had started visiting Leh after '3 Idiots' made it all hep and famous. Pop culture has an incredible ability to boost tourism – Goa became a ritual for all college kids after Dil Chahta Hai, India became interested in Skydiving after ZNMD, and Leh... Continue Reading →


How pop-culture failed us 90s’ kids

"Pyaar toh mein ne kar liya hai maa," says a morose Anjali when her mother questions her about her feelings. Anjali Sharma, the quintessential tomboy, spent a decade loving her best friend Rahul Khanna from college. The best part is, she didn't even see him in the last decade. We all loved watching these movies.... Continue Reading →

Don’t you dare let your child dream

"I wanted to be an astronaut. My parents encouraged me to aim high, to the stars, and work hard toward it. So I went to school. They attacked it. Now I'm here, among the stars. Only, I can never go back." -Probably every second child who was killed in the Peshawar attack -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Don't you... Continue Reading →

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